Benjamin Phillips


[Phillips' sculptures] resolutely refusing to appear "perfect" or "pretty [...] have wonderful character and depth. Sometimes beauty is in the imperfection." Bill Macomber, writer, Scottsdale, AZ Trends Magazine, May/June 2012 p.9

...the subjects seem trapped between the hopeful expectations of childhood and the weight or burden of [motality]. It is precisely this moment that Phillips is interested in placing his audiences, a metaphor for the awkward eternal entrapment of humans who, regardless of their progress on the journey of life, forever inhabit this moment. - Kevin Vaughn-Brubaker, independent writer, critic, Phoenix, AZ

...His works initially communicate the anguish of embodiment. After a long look, though, the bodies become caverns, imbued with all the mystery that word implies. There's some terror in losing the sense of solidity in our being. But the collapse of gender identity and physical integrity that Phillips' works describe is a generative one that creates a space in which other, unexpected things can grow. - Camilla Pickard, writer, Vancouver, BC

I find it fascinating that Phillips has confronted or ignored current prejudices that surround figurative art. Phillips stands out as an extraordinary original and talented figure who has the capacity to break new ground rather than limiting himself to predominant academic conventions. - George Rammell, sculptor, Vancouver, BC

[Phillips'] continued curiosity about the signs of a patriarchal system, through the eyes of a man with dare I say, a 'feminist's sensibility' is intriguing. ...What a powerful metaphor for issues in society at large. - Tiki Mulvihill, sculptor, Vancouver, BC

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